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It’s that time of year again, folks! For the past nine years, Chris Leblanc has been organizing a toy drive/bike ride in Minneapolis, which is (counter-intuitively and hilariously) inspired by Krampus, the horrible, beast-like version of Santa from German folklore. Three years ago, Chris challenged friends from across the globe to participate in the hell-bound, hoof-footed revelry. This will be our fourth year running the Boston faction of the Krampus World Order, and once again we’ll keep it local by purchasing from local small businesses (Porter Square Books and Henry Bear’s Park) and donating to a local nonprofit, Toys for Local Children. TLC is a Somerville-based organization that aims to assist local families that are in need by providing them with a little bit of happiness during the holiday season. Each year, they serve over 10,000 children across the Commonwealth, including victims of fires and domestic violence. Last year in Boston, we raised over $1400 in toys and books to donate to TLC, which was more than double our inaugural year donation. We couldn’t have done it without our riders, Stanisław Nagięć, Hannah Epstein, Kyle Kowalsky, Duncan Freake, Em Paulhus, Jacob Freake, Arolyn Conwill, and Ali Areskog who not only rode and had a blast with us, but also collected donations and donated their own money to the cause.


1. Donate $$$! In order to warm Krampus’ black, cold heart, we need every last nickel and dime we can get, and every cent you donate will go to purchasing books and toys from local, small businesses in Somerville. Every little bit will help, so if you’ve got a few bucks to spare, you can send money to our PayPal:

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2. Ride! Krampusnacht will take place on Saturday, December 16, and anyone who wants to join is welcome! All you need is a bike and something in which to carry toys/books. A sack would obviously be the most appropriate choice, but we’re not picky. Also, beast costumes are enthusiastically encouraged. Just like the past two years, the route will stay in Somerville (because it’s the best) and will end at a local imbibing establishment. I think our revelers can attest to how much fun we’ve had these past two years, and how special it was last year for everyone to help pick out toys and books that they liked as kids and pass that enjoyment on to a new generation of kiddos.

If you’re interested in riding, send us an email at bostonkrampus@gmail.com.

3. Spread the word! We were so pleased with the support we received over the past three years and we’d love to be able to outdo ourselves again!

Thanks so much for reading and thanks in advance for anything you can donate! This is Chris’ demonic, cloven-hoofed beast-baby and we’re glad we can participate in something so awesome here in Boston.

Please Contact us at bostonkrampus@gmail.com with any questions!

– Heather, Jon, and Matt

Krampus 2016

Krampus helmet 2016


Somerville Fire Station


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